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The Electronic Whale
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The Electronic Whale

from The Year of The Gray Whale

FOR SEA: Marine Biology and Oceanography – Grade 7

Table of Contents

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Introduction to this curriculum

Introduction from FOR SEA Grade 7

FOR SEA Grade 7 Table of Contents

The Long Journey

   1. Big As Life
After comparing the length of an adult California gray whale to real objects, students enlarge a pattern of a gray whale to life-size on their play ground or field.

   2. A Whale Is Born – December 21
Students use mapping skills to track the migration of gray whales as they begin the story line of the event-filled migration of a new calf and its mother.

   3. The Electronic Whale
Through a computer simulation, students follow gray whale migration, from summer feeding grounds in the Arctic to winter breeding and calving grounds in Mexico.

   4. The Journey Begins – February 21
Students design a research study which would provide additional information about the northern migration of the gray whale.

   5. Swimming Northward – March 7
The breathing and diving rhythm of gray whales is examined as students calculate average daily progress during migration.

   6. Marine Mammal Adaptations: Diving Buoyancy
Students discover what ratio of materials enables the whales they “create” to neither float too high nor sink too deep.

   7. Whale Watching – December 10
The recommended procedures for observing whales are revealed as students learn how to identify whales.

   8. Protecting Whales – December 21
A discussion of current whaling issues and the International Whaling Commission provide a springboard for student involvement.

Production Credits

Below, you’ll find helpful resources for use with the above activities.

Unit 1: Born

Activity 1 Big as Life
Laying out the grid images
Root words

Activity 2 A Whale Is Born – December 21
Gray whale background information
Gray whale fact sheet
Whale and dolphin packs

Unit 2: The Long Journey

Activity 1 The Journey Begins – February 21
How to find marine information
Whale words

Activity 3 Swimming Northward – March 7
Gray whale swimming and breathing cycle

Activity 6 Marine Mammal Diving Response – Bradycardia
Kelp forest divers

Unit 5: Follow That Whale

Activity 1 Whale Watching – December 10
Whale watching photo album
Whale watching guidelines
Watching whales
Whale awareness zone

Unit 7: Whales Count!

Activity 3 Protecting Whales – December 21
Point and Counterpoint – Native American whaling

Activity 5 The Electronic Whale
Killer whale fact sheet
Beaufort wind scale
Educator Guide to The Gray Whale Obstacle Course
The Gray Whale Obstacle Course Viewing Guide
Gray Whales on the Move
Whale Adaptations

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