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The Electronic Whale

"The Electronic Whale" is a computer simulation of the remarkable migration of the California gray whale. Each year, gray whales swim from Mexico to the Arctic and back in a trip covering some 22,000 kilometers or 14,000 miles.

The computer simulation models events in the gray whale’s life as students try to get their whales from the Arctic to the warm waters of Mexican Lagoons before the three month migration period ends. Interactive software lets players experience some of the things that a gray whale faces on its migration and choose how their whales respond to what they meet. Ample life history and ecological information assure that each migration simulation adds to your students’ knowledge of the marine environment while the variety of events encountered and the choices made mean that no two runs of simulation will be exactly alike.

Available as a CD-ROM for PC or hypercard stack for Classic Mac OS.

For price information, please see the Order Form.