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The World of Water

Exploring Wetland Habitats

Table of Contents

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1. Water Water Everywhere?
Where is water found on planet Earth

2. The Water Cycle
Exploring the movement of water on planet Earth

3. Wetlands
A wetlands primer

4. Get Your Feet Wet
Preparing and conducting a wetlands field study

5. World in a Jar
Making a wetland aquarium

6. Living in Water
Investigating what lives in wetlands

7. Experiments and Projects
Activities to go deeper into wetlands issues

Below, you’ll find helpful resources for use with the above activities.

Resources to Accompany Exploring Wetland Habitats lessons

Lesson 3
wetland cards
wetlands key

Lesson 4
wetland study card
exploring soils card
soils color chart
water quality card
wetland plants card
birds and mammals card
aquatic animals card
all cards for front to back printing
Fabulous Wetlands video link

Lesson 6
animal packet 1
animal packet 2
invertebrate key
Kit Contents list

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