Activities, Lessons, Instructional Materials, and Resources for Teaching Science Through the Marine Environment

Exploring Marine Science Teaching Guides – award winning comprehensive marine science curricula from three renown programs featuring integrated activity oriented science
Marine Science Clip Art Portfolio – thousands of clip art drawings organized by topic and searchable by keyword
The Electronic Whale – in this interactive computer simulation of the remarkable migration of the California gray whale students decide the course and face the consequences!
Whale Patterns – with these detailed patterns, you and your students can snip and sew as a way to learn whale anatomy and biology
  The Tuna/Dolphin Controversy – thought the “tuna problem” was behind us? Think again and let your students do likewise
  Puget Soundbook – engaging and informative, this householder’s water quality handbook promotes individual responsibility in protecting our estuaries
  Puget Sound Project Teaching Guides – thematic studies of a living estuary provide students with tools to take action
  Wonders of Puget Sound Newspaper – Learn about the seashore and its creatures through experiments, games, puzzles and a “seacret” code
Seal Rock Marine Interpretive Trail – hands-on lessons to explore the dynamic balance of life in Washington’s Hood Canal
Books That Inspire Marine Biology – a booklist compiled from a survey of 1200 marine educators and scientists concerning the use of marine literature for instructional
Workshop – Have a peek at other FOR SEA projects including Exploring Wetland Habitats, Tidepool Life and Ecology, and Deep Sea Explorations.
About FOR SEA – who are we? what do we do? and, where did we come from anyway?
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