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Marine Science Explorations CD-ROMs

The interactive Marine Explorations compact disks are comprehensive marine science teacher and student resources which provide hundreds of lessons from award-winning marine science curricula including:
FOR SEA from the Institute of Marine Science are comprehensive hands-on, minds-on marine science curriculum for grades 1-12;

MARE from Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science which is especially useful with students with limited language proficiency, and;

Living in Water from the National Aquarium in Baltimore which focuses on freshwater environments.

Each disk includes scores of resource files from whale identification photos to satellite images of the world ocean. Unique among curriculum CD-ROMs, lessons are presented as Microsoft Works or Word documents, enabling users to customize and localize the activities. A powerful search engine allows users to browse synopses, search by keyword or topic, view lessons and resources, correlate lessons to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science’s Project 2061 guidelines, and more.

Marine Science Explorations Grades 1-5
View a sample Grade 3 lesson from the FOR SEA curricula

Marine Science Explorations Grades 6-8
View a sample Grade 7 lesson from the FOR SEA curricula

Marine Science Explorations Grades 9-12
View a sample Grades 9-12 – Physical Science lesson
from the FOR SEA curricula

View a sample Grades 9-12 – Life Science lesson
from the FOR SEA curricula

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