Marine Science Clip Art Portfolio Guide

Thousands of clip art drawings, organized by topic and searchable by keyword, are at your student’s fingertips for use in reports, presentations, and projects. A powerful search mechanism lets the user find just the right drawing.

Click on theicons below to view a sample drawing from each topic. Or, click on the icon at the top of this page to enter the portfolio itself.

Topics include:

Biological Science

        Arthropoda (class Crustacea (crabs, etc.)
        Cnidaria (jellyfish, etc.)
        Echinodermata (sea stars, etc.)
        Mollusca (clams, snails, octopus, etc.)
        Porifera (sponges, etc.)


            Cetaceans (whales)
            Pinnipeds (seals)

Biological Concepts
    food chains and webs
    scientific classification

    deep sea
    intertidal communities
    rocky beaches
    sandy beaches
    zonation and ecological zones

Chemical, Earth and Physical Sciences
    atmosphere and the ocean
    beach formation
    circulation, ocean
    formation, ocean
    hydrologic cycle
    plate tectonics
    sea floor
    world ocean

   El Niño
   global warming
   ground water
   quality, water
   surface water

Social Studies

   navigation and vessels
   satellite oceanography
   lab equip
   odds & ends