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Books That Inspire Marine Biology

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Found in FOR SEA Curriculum Guides Grades 6-12

Books That Inspire Marine Biology

compiled by:
John Trowbridge
Southeastern Louisiana University
Dept. of Teacher Education
Hammond, LA 70402

Jim Wandersee
Graduate Studies in Biology Education
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction
Louisiana State University
LA 70803

Results of a survey of 1200 marine educators and scientists concerning the use of marine literature for instructional purposes.

Recommended Readings by All Groups
(includes noninstructional books)

Top 25 Suggested titles out 583 suggested books and 416 different titles:
1.The Sea Around UsRachel Carson
2.Log From the Sea of CortezJohn Steinbeck
3.Beautiful SwimmersWilliam Warner
4.Life and Death of the Salt MarshJohn and Mildred Teal
5.Edge of the SeaRachel Carson
6.Kon TikiThor Heyerdahl
7.The Living DockJack Rudloe
8.Moby DickHerman Melville
9.Old Man and the SeaErnst Hemmingway
10.Silent SpringRachel Carson
11.Sailing Alone Around the WorldJoshua Slocum
12.Seaside NaturalistDeb Colulombe
13.Under the Sea WindRachel Carson
14.Cannery RowJohn Steinbeck
15.ChesapeakeJames Michener
16.Island of the Blue DolphinsScott O'Dell
17.Marine Biology Coloring BookNiesen
18.Outermost HouseHenry Betson
19.Silent WorldJacques Cousteau
20.SoundingsFrank Searles
21.Time of the TurtleJack Rudloe
22.Voyage of the BeagleCharles Darwin
23.Waves and BeachesWillard Bascom
24.Whale for the KillingFarley Mowatt
25.Year of the CrabWilliam Sargent

Books Instructors Suggest
Their Students Read

Top 5 of 81 titles given:

1.Log From the Sea of CortezJohn Steinbeck
2.Moby DickHerman Melville
3.The Sea Around UsRachel Carson
4.Life and Death of the Salt MarshJohn and Mildred Teal
5.Cannery RowJohn Steinbeck

Books Selected as Required
Reading in Courses Taught

Top 10 of 125 titles:

1.Life and Death of the Salt MarshJohn and Mildred Teal
2.Beautiful SwimmersWilliam Warner
3.Kon TikiThor Heyerdahl
4.Old Man and the SeaJohn Steinbeck
5.The Sea Around UsRachel Carson
6.Two Years Before the MastR.H. Dana
7.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne
8.Silent SpringRachel Carson
9.Whale for the KillingFarley Mowatt
10.Under the Sea WindRachel Carson

Books That Influenced Respondents or
Which Influenced Their Job Choice

Top 5 of 49 titles:

1.Between Pacific TidesEd Rickets
2.Silent SpringRachel Carson
3.The Sea Around UsRachel Carson
4.Log From the Sea of CortezJohn Steinbeck
5.Silent WorldJacques Cousteau

Books With Which Respondents Philosophically Identify

Out of 37 suggested titles only two books were suggested by three people:

1.Sand County AlmanacAldo Leopold
2.Silent SpringRachel Carson