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Puget Sound Project
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Puget Sound Project

A Salmon in the Sound

Grades 6-8

Table of Contents

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1. What Salmon Is That?

2. The Salmon People

3. “A Most Luxuriant Landscape”

4. Finding Your Way Around Puget Sound

5. Coming Home

6. To Catch A Fish

7. Fishgame

8. Who Gets To Fish?

9. Down The Canal

10. Salt Water/Fresh Water

11. Finding the Scent

12. Watershed

13. Cross Currents

14. Warming It Up

15. Wastewater Worries

16. Dams Across the River

17. Toothpick Fish

18. Trees and Streams

19. The Cycle Continues

20. Hooks and Ladders

21. The Estuary

22. Who’s For Dinner?

23. A Tangled Web

24. Going, Going, Gone!

25. An Ending — And A Beginning

26. The Puget Sound Game

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