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Puget Sound Project
Table of Contents
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Puget Sound Project

Discovering Puget Sound

Grades 4-6

Table of Contents

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1. Discoveries Through Time
human history of discoveries of Puget Sound

2. What A Sound!
Puget Sound geography

3. Beach in a Box
makeup of the beach

4. The Layered Look: Where Fresh and Salt Water Meet

5. Creature Features
marine organisms: behaviors and physical adaptations

6. Beach Mysteries
observing mystery items found on the beach

7. Oysters on the Half Shell
oysters as an indicator of the health of Puget Sound

8. Plankton Observations
observing, classifying, modeling plankton

9. Extraordinary Eelgrass Beds
a unique habitat for marine organisms

10. The Web of Life
developing eelgrass food chains and food webs

11. Sound Choices
pollution, marine debris, water quality problems and possible solutions

References and Resources

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Resources to Accompany Grade 2 lessons

Lesson 9
Extraordinary Eelgrass Bed Slide Show
Extraordinary Eelgrass Bed Slide Show Narrative

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