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Puget Sound Project
Table of Contents
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Puget Sound Project

The Changing Sound

Grades 9-12

Table of Contents

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1. Oysters on the Half Shell
oysters as an indicator of the health of Puget Sound

2. Where in the Sound?
Puget Sound geography

3. How Large a Sound?
experimentally determining the size of Puget Sound

4. The Changing Sound
Puget Sound human history

5. Get a Job
impact of employment on Puget Sound

6. Oyster Habitats
ecological relationships

7. Insides Out
“folding oyster” introduction to oyster anatomy

8. Inside the Living Oyster
oyster dissection

9. Out of Sight
introduction to plankton

9A. Plankton Sampling
net construction and use

10. Plankton I, II, III
examining plankton

11. The Ol’ Numbers Game
changes in Puget Sound oyster population

12. Measuring Water Quality
introduction to water quality monitoring

13. A Word About Temperature
temperature as a water quality factor

14. Where Does All the O2 Go?
measuring dissolved oxygen in Puget Sound Waters

15. Pollution in Paradise
introduction to contaminants and their circulation in Puget Sound

16. Nitrates and Phosphates
measuring nitrates and phosphates in Puget Sound waters

17. Getting Around the Sound
circulation of water and contaminants in Puget Sound

18. Salinity
determination of salinity in Puget Sound waters

19. pH Determination of Sea Water
measuring pH in Puget Sound waters

20. Round and Round
more on Puget Sound circulation and bioaccumulation

21. Turbidity
measuring the clarity of Puget Sound waters

22. Sources
point source and non-point source pollution in Puget Sound

23. Total Solids
determining total solids in Puget Sound

24. Putting it All Together
examining the relationship between contaminants and oysters

25. Moving Up the Chain
human health risks from contaminants in Puget Sound

26. Analysis of Water for Bacterial Pollution
monitoring coliform bacteria as an indicator of sewage pollution

27. The Big Picture
using the “Water Quality Index” to integrate monitoring results

28. Where Do We Go From Here?
student actions for maintaining the health of Puget Sound

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