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MARE  Grade 5 – Open Ocean

Table of Contents

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Literature Connections

Ocean Week

Teaching Strategies

Activity 1: Apples and Oceans
Students slice an apple and draw a pie chart to represent the small amount of drinkable water on land, and the small portion of the ocean that is highly productive.

Activity 2: Current Trends
Students create currents with wind and by combining water of different temperatures and salinities.

Activity 3: Class Action Whale
Students act out specific body parts of whales then put the parts together to act out behaviors and adaptations.

Activity 4: Squid Dissection
Students dissect a squid to study its adaptations and then participate in a squid feast.

Activity 5: The Great Plankton Race
Students construct and race plankton models made from various materials to simulate adaptations to slow sinking. They then graph sinking rates.

Activity 6: Blue Planet
Students listen to, discuss and perform skits about the song Blue Planet and then make posters for a contest symbolizing Planet Ocean and environmental ethics.

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