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Rocky beaches
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Anemone fish in tentacles
Anemone, rock covered, closed
Anemone, rock covered, open
Anemones, open and closed
Anemones, rock covered, open and closed
Assorted sea stars
Barnacles, open
Barnacles, open and closed
Chiton curled up
Chiton on rock
Chitons on rock
Chitons, limpets on rock
Crab pinching off sea star ray
Decorator crab
Hermit crab inside shell
Hermit crab outside shell
Hermit crab with assorted shells
Hermit crab with transparent shell
Intertidal zones on rocks, piling
Kelp crab on kelp fronds
Kelp forest scene
Kelp forest tidepool scene modeled
Limpet on rock
Sea star eating barnacles on rock
Sea star eating clam
Sea star in eel grass bed
Tidepool scene
Tidepool sculpin in rocks
Turban snail