Compared to making new paper, producing one ton of recycled paper results in 35% less water pollution, uses less than 50% of the water, produces 75% less air pollution, and uses up 75% less energy. Newsprint, ledger paper, computer paper, corrugated cardboard, and mixed paper should be recycled. Some communities have curb-side recycling, others rely on centralized collection points.

One of the best ways to reduce the flow of paper into your household is to limit your “junk” mail. Here’s how: write to Mail Preference Service, Direct marketing association, PO Box 3861, New York, NY 10163-3861. Request that your name be taken off mailing lists and not sold to other merchandisers. In four to six months, you should begin to see a dramatic drop in your direct mailings. You may also use the return envelopes (or the 800 phone numbers) provided in many mailings to tell the mailer to take your name off their mailing lists.

Plant Debris and Food Wastes