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Puget Soundbook

Easy to put together! A piece by piece game plan for maintaining the health of the Puget Sound region

Puget Soundbook….toward a Sound life-style
Engaging and informative, the Puget Soundbook is a householder’s water quality handbook which promotes individual responsibility in protecting our estuaries. While focusing on the Puget Sound, information regarding "consumer issues" from septic tanks to household hazardous wastes is applicable to aquatic habitats coast to coast. Included are specific actions we can take to maintain a proper balance between the natural system and human system functions of our estuaries and a rationale for why we should bother to take those actions. Chapters include:

It’s Your Sound! – The Wonders of Puget Sound are worth caring about

A Sound Start – 10 simple things we can do right away to begin caring for Puget Sound

Hazardous Wastes…Not in my house! – Sound practices for using and disposing of household products

Rethink/reuse – Damming the Waste Stream – Improve water quality by pre-cycling, recycling, and re-using

Water, Water Everywhere – Saving water is as important as keeping it clean – simple tips for water conservation

Out of sight, out of mind – A Wastewater Primer – Just what does "down the drain" mean? – how your sewer or septic tank works

Landscaping for a Healthy Sound – Landscaping choices, gardening, composting, and pest management techniques

Sound Lawncare – How to have a healthy lawn and a healthy Sound

Spare that shrub – Do Your Part to Control Erosion – Helpful hints for controlling surface runoff and erosion

Getting Out on the Sound – Good Boating Practices – Sound boating and maintenance tips

Not-Only-For-Kids… – A "baker’s dozen" of Sound activities for kids of all ages

Taking Action for Puget Sound – The Big Picture – From individual action to teamwork, we can do it

Where to Go for Help – Resources for Taking the Next Steps – Who to call for additional information and advice

Unlike previous examples of consumer handbooks which present a litany of do’s and don’ts, the Puget Soundbook provides compelling items of interest about the Sound as motivation for action.

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