Take the Hazard Reduction Pledge!

1.  I will protect my community, its children, our environment, and Puget Sound and its watershed we share.

2.  If I change my automotive oil, I will NEVER pour it on the ground or down a drain but instead will take it to a recycler.

3.  When shopping, I will watch for the words DANGER, WARNING, and CAUTION on product labels, and I will buy the least hazardous product possible for the job. (Labeled products all pose some hazard. Products with the word CAUTION are least hazardous, those with the word WARNING and which say DANGER are most hazardous.)

4.  Whenever I buy a hazardous product, I will follow label directions on safe use and disposal of the product. I will buy only the quantities I know I need, and not buy extra amounts that I might have to dispose of later.

5.  For cleaning tasks, I will use “elbow grease” and non-hazardous alternative cleaners like vinegar, salt, or baking soda where these are effective.

6.  To control household and garden pests, I will practice careful pest management, using toxic pest control products as a last resort and in strict accordance with the label, and will choose less hazardous alternatives when possible.

7.  If I have oil, paints, thinners, pesticides, and other hazardous items that I need to dispose of, I will NEVER do so by pouring them down household or storm drains, onto the ground or throwing them in the trash.

8.  When I have leftover hazardous products, I will use them according to the label (for solvents and thinners, this may require cleaning for reuse), or give them to a friend who will use them properly.

9.  If I have hazardous products that I can’t use appropriately, I will save them and bring them to a household hazardous waste collection.

Hazardous Waste? Not in my house!