Pictures from Grades 9-12 Parts IV-VI

Pictures from Grades 9-12 Parts IV-VI
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Acidic weed algae (Desmarestia sps.)
Algae press
Animals with salt shaker
Assorted buried clams
Bacteriology – millipore, ampoule breaker
Bacteriology – millipore, complete apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, flaming ampoule
Bacteriology – millipore, opening apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, opening Petri dish
Bacteriology – millipore, placing grid
Bacteriology – millipore, placing pad on apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, placing pad on dish
Bacteriology – millipore, pouring on to pad
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump assembled
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump pumping
Bacteriology, millipore apparatus
Bacteriology, numbered circle grid
Bacteriology, streaking a plate
Bacteriology, three squares of Petri dish
Balance and potato corer
Bat star
Beach model
Beach model with cove
Beach model with promontory
Beach scene with closed sign
Beaker, box, milk
Beakers, jars
Beakers, salt shaker
Beauty leaf algae (Callophylis sps.)
Bipinnaria larva
Bladder chain weed algae (Cytosiera sps.)
Blade kelp (Laminaria sps.) and Feather boa kelp (Egregia sps.)
Boat on large beaker
BOD bottle and dropper bottle
BOD bottle, filling
BOD bottle, inserting dropper
BOD bottle, shaking
Breakwater diagram, horizontal
Breakwater diagram, horizontal 2
Breakwater diagram, perpendicular 1
Breakwater diagram, perpendicular 2
Burette 1
Burette 2
Caisson’s disease body detail
Chromosomes with magnified genes
Circular motion diagram
Clam cross section with arrows
Clam with scalpel cutting adductor muscles
Clam, thumbnail with siphon, foot
Clams other burrowing animals in sand
Cluster algae (smithora sps.)
Color comparator
Color comparator scale
Continental shelf diagram
Contour map, model
Copepods, assorted
Copepods, three major types
Coralline algae
Cups with pins
Dead man’s fingers (Codium sps.)
Deep sea angler fish
Deep sea angler fish (bothophilus)
Deep sea angler fish (Linophryne & Lasignathus sps.)
Deep sea anglerfish (Linophryne sps. and Lasignathus sps.)
Deep sea anglerfish with pressure arrows
Deep sea black dragon
Deep sea bristlemouth
Deep sea eelpout
Deep sea fish with protruding swimp bladder
Deep sea gulper fish
Deep sea larvacean
Deep sea shining tubeshoulder fish
Deep sea slender snipe eel
Deep sea tadpole snailfish
Desk items (scissors, paper clip, etc.)
Diatom and dinoflagellates
Drift kelp on beach, thumbnail
Drifting weed (Sargassum sps.)
Erlenmeyer flask
Factory and city scene
Fish, plastic token
Fishers with dead fish on bottom
Fishers, two on one fish
Fishers, with dead fish on bottom
Flask on burner
Food chain: phytoplankton, zooplankton, oysters, humans
Genes and chromosomes
Ghost shrimp in burrow
Giant kelp, left sweeping with fish
Giant kelp, right sweeping
Gillnet and rowboat
Gillnet setting
Glass and flashlight
Grape tongue algae (Botryoglossum sps.)
Groins, series along beach
Hydrometer, components
Hydrometer, construction
Hydrometer, reading the scale
Hydrometer, scale
Hydrometer, scaling paper strip 1
Hydrometer, scaling paper strip 2
Iodine algae (Prionitis sps.)
Kelp forest scene
Life cycle of fish (salmon)
Many veined algae (Polyneura sps.)
Matter cycling and energy flow
Minerals in water graphic
Moss weed (Cladophora sps.)
Muller’s larva
Nauplius larva of barnacle
Noctiluca phosphorescent phytoplankton with stars
Nori (Porphyra sps.)
Northwest Native American net fishing scene
Northwest Native American stylized salmon
Ocean cross section diagram
Ocean depths graphic
Oyster dinner with fork and tablecloth
Pickle weed (Salicornia sps., vascular plant)
Plankton cartoon, Sherlock Holmes observing jar
Plankton dropper and bottle
Plankton net, area sampled
Plankton net, opening
Plant press, pressing steps
Planula larva of coral
Pointed weed (Punctaria sps.)
Pollution scene
Probe, graduated
Rainbow algae (Iridea sps.)
Red membrane algae (Rhodomenia sps.)
Red tide dinoflagelllate (Gonyaulax sps.)
Ribbed kelp (Costaria sps.)
Salmon and stickleback compared
Salmon life cycle, generalized
Salmon oceanic migration map
Salmon, chinook, male, female, smolt
Salmon, chinook, thumbnail
Salmon, chum, male, female, smolt
Salmon, coho, male, female, smolt
Salmon, five types compared
Salmon, pink, male, female, smolt
Salmon, sockeye, male, female and smolt
Salmon, sockeye, male, female, smolt
Sand grains
SCUBA diver
SCUBA diver on tractor
Sea grapes (Botryocladia sps.)
Sea lettuce (Ulva sps.)
Sea sacks algae (Halosaccion sps.)
Seawater recipe graphic
Secchi disk under water
Secchi disk, construction diagram
Sheepshead fish
Shellfish harvesting open sign
Shoebox and compass
Sign, contaminated area
Sign, red tide
Slender algae (Gracillaria sps.)
South America to Africa continent/ocean floor cross section
Surfgrass (Phyllospadix sps., vascular plant)
Tapered algae (Neoagardhiella sps.)
Test strip on scale, pH
Test tube pouring into test tube
Test tube, shaking
Test tubes in rack
Test tubes in rack, timer
Thermometer in waves
Thin rockweed (Pelvetia sps.)
Tiny branched algae (Microcladia sps.)
Tiny sea lettuce (Prasiola sps.)
Tiny Turkish towel algae (Mastocarpus sps.)
Toothpicks and fish
Toxic sources: dredge spoils
Toxic sources: inorganic chemicals
Toxic sources: organic chemicals
Trochophore larva
Trout, cut throat
Tube algae (Enteromorpha sps.)
Tuft leaf algae (Endocladia sps.)
Turbidity, particles in water with beaker
Veliger larva
Water quality report card
Watershed impacts, bulldozer
Watershed impacts, cows
Watershed impacts, fertilizer
Watershed impacts, gardening
Weight of cubic foot of sea water
Weights to show pressure
Whip tube weed (Scytosiphon sps.)
Wing kelp (Alaria sps.)
World map, black on white