Pictures from Grades 9-12 Parts I-III

Pictures from Grades 9-12 Parts I-III
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Abalone (top, underside, empty shell)
Acorn barnacle
American clipper ship
Animal observation cards
Aquarium with floats
Arab sailing boat
Aristole’s lantern
Aristole’s lantern, top view
Assorted clam shells
Assorted clams
Assorted echinoderms
Assorted echinoderms (sea star, urchin, sand dollar)
Assorted limpets
Assorted molluscs (clam, snail, squid)
Assorted molluscs (snail, limpet, chiton)
Assorted oysters
Assorted sand dollars
Assorted scallops
Assorted sea stars
Assorted snails
Assorted snails, limpets
Assorted sponges
Assorted tusk shells
Assorted tusk shells with one in sand
Assorted urchins
Atlantic currents
Atlantic ocean map
Bag with rock
Baleen, individual and series of plates
Barnacle larva molt
Barnacle, cross sectional view
Biscayan right whale
Biscayan right whale whalers, seal of city
Biscayan right whale whalers, seal of city
Blue crab, small
Blue whale
Brittle star
Brittle star
Brittle star with arrows
Brittlestar larva
Bull kelp (Nereocystis sps.)
Butter clam
Butterfly fish
California and Davidson currents
Chain diatom (Biddulphia sps.)
Chain diatom (Chaetoceros debilis)
Chain diatom (Chaetoceros socialis)
Chain diatom (Chaetoceros sps.)
Chain diatom (Lauderia sps.)
Chiton and chiton shell plates
Chiton, underside
Chromatophore changing color series
Clam larva
Clam shell, closeup of shell structure
Clocks, assorted
Coelocanth and small fish
Common dolphin
Convection current arrows
Copepod carrying eggs
Copepod larva
Copepod larva
Copepod permanent zooplankter
Crab, female underside
Crab, hermit crab, shrimp compared
Crabs, assorted
Current drift bottle
Current drift card
Currents graphic
Cyprid larva
Dall’s porpoise
Darwin, halftone photo
Darwin, photo
Decorator crab
Deep sea anglerfish
Diatom (Coscinodiscus sps.)
Diatom (Coscinodiscus sps.)
Diurnal tide graph
Dolphin skulls
Dolphin with echolocation waves
Dolphin, blue and white
Dungeness crab, thumbnail
Earth and sun’s rays
Echinoderm ossicles
Echinoderm ossicles and tests
Fish body outline without fins
Fish larva
Fish scale
Fish scale types
Fish skeleton
Fish with flashlight
Flipper, countercurrent circulation
Flying fish
Food chain: phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish
Food chain: phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish, fish
Food chain: phytoplankton, zooplankton, oyster
Food pyramid: phytoplankton to fisher
Food web diagram
Fur seal
Fur seal hunters
Geoduck clam
Geoduck clam and Horse clam
Gooseneck barnacle
Gray whale eye, barnacles
Gray whale with mixing bowl, tools
Greek sailing boat
Grid 2
Gumboot chiton in ball
Harbor porpoise
Harbor seal
Harp seals
Hermit crabs, assorted
Herring school
Hiker and high tides graphic
HMS Challenger, Darwin’s research vessel
Horse clam
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale outline
Hydrometer in density currents with salt shaker
Indian ocean map
Insect, example of Class Insecta
Isopod, pill bug
Kelp crab on kelp frond
Little neck and razor clams
Map, Polynesia
Map, San Juan Islands, WA, horizontal
Map, San Juan Islands, WA, vertical
Marigram, week long tide chart
Marigram, year long tide chart
Megalops crab larva
Middle ages sailing boat
Mixed tide graph
Mollusc cross section
Moon phases and wave
Moon phases diagram
Mussels, clump with byssal threads
Naturalist in tidepool
Nauplius larva
Neap tide graph
Northern hemisphere currents
Octopus arm
Orca, with waves
Oregon coast map
Pacific coast of America map
Pacific ocean map
Pedicellaria detail
Peru current map 3
Phytoplankton and zooplankton assortments
Plainfin midshipman
Polychaete larva
Polynesian navigation tool
Polynesian sailing catamaran
Report summary card
Right whale
Roman sailing boat
Sand flea
Scallop shell
Sculpin, tidepool
Sea cucumber
Sea cucumber internal diagram with arrows
Sea lily, entire
Sea lily, top
Sea lion
Sea star
Sea star internal diagram with arrows
Sea star underside with magnified tube feet
Sea urchin showing pedicellaria
Seal with nose in dishpan
Seals, swimming behind blubber mitt
Semi diurnal tide graph
Sergeant major
Serpent and boat, historical block print
Shark dorsal fins, 4 types compared
Shark interior organs
Shark pectoral fins, four types compared
Shark teeth, denticles
Shark, dogfish
Shark, five gill
Shark, five gill, outline
Shark, thresher shark and nurse shark
Shark, tiger shark and chain dogfish
Shrimp, assorted
Siphonophore plankton
Slinky with kids
Slinky with small kids
Snail cross section
Sole, sand
Spanish galleon
Sperm whale with echolocation waves
Spider, example of Class Arachida
Sponge cells, individual
Sponge cross section showing cells
Sponge cross section showing water flow
Sponge cross sections of three major types
Sponge cut-away drawing
Sponge on rocks
Sponge showing living organism
Sponge showing water flow
Sponge spicule assortment
Sponge spicules
Spotted dolphin, eastern Pacific
Spring tide graph
Squid, thumbnail
Tidal changes diagram, boat at dock
Tide force diagram cartoon
Tide force diagram, earth and moon
Tide force diagram, sun, earth and moon
Tide force diagram, sun, earth and moon 2
Tidepool scene
Tidepool sculpin in rocks
Timeline 2
Tusk shell in sand
Urchin egg cell division 1
Urchin egg cell division 2
Urchin egg with infold
Urchin external diagram with arrows
Urchin larva
Urchin larva 1
Urchin larva 2
Venus flower basket sponge
Viking sailing boat
Gray whale with mixing bowl, tools
Whale, cutting in chart from Scammons
Wheel, spoke
World map with longitude, latitude
Zonation model: piling without animals
Zonation model: rock
Zonation model: rock and piling circumference
Zonation model: rock and piling height
Zonation model: rock and piling tidal measurement
Zonation model: rock with animals