Pictures from Grades 6-8
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Africa, continent outline
Africa/South America contiguous sediments
Africa/South America continental fit
Alaska current
Aquarium, sink and float
Asian clam
Asian clams in hand
Asian clams in sand
Assorted bones
Assorted phytoplankton, labeled
Assorted zooplankton
Atlantic quahog clam, thumbnail
Baking tray, glass with thermometers
Balance 3
Baleen and toothed whale skeletons
Baleen whale over US map
Baleen whale skeleton bone set
Baleen whale skeleton bone set 2
Baleen whale skeleton bone set, articulated
Baleen whale skeleton bone set, articulated 2
Balloon, air pump
Balloon, in ring
Balloon, straw
Balloon, straw tied twice
Balloon, straw tied twice 2
Balloon, tied
Bamboo worm
Barnacle larva
Beaker on ring stand
Beaker on ring stand with convection currents
Beakers, salt shaker
Beluga whale
Bentnose clam
Biomass pyramid: phytoplankton to orca whale
Blue whale
Blue, sperm, right, gray, humpback whales compared
Boats, assorted, old
Book, 2
Bottle with gas collector
Bottlenose dolphin
Bowhead whale
Bowhead whale skeleton
Brittle star (Amphipholus sps.)
Cartesian diver series 1
Cartesian diver series 2
Cartesian diver series 3
Cartesian diver series 4
Cartesian diver series 5
Cartesian diver series 6
Cartesian diver series 7
Chain diatom
Clam digger
Clam shell
Clam shell cross section
Clam shell, inside
Clam, thumbnail (Mya sps.)
Clipboard and writing hand
Clothespin boat
CO2 collection bottle
Coil snail, thumbnail
Columbus’ sailing vessels
Compass rose
Compass rose w/divider1
Compass rose w/divider2
Container ship
Continental drift series 100 m years ago
Continental drift series 200 m years ago
Continental drift series 50 m years ago
Continental drift series now
Continental slope and shelf
Continuous line mining dredge
Contour map, clay
Contour map, Columbia River mouth
Contour map, sea mount cross section
Copepod zooplankter
Deep sea amphipod
Deep sea anemone
Deep sea animals (squid, fish, jellyfish)
Deep sea barnacle
Deep sea brachyuran crab
Deep sea clam
Deep sea enteropneust
Deep sea limpet
Deep sea polychaete worm
Deep sea serpiculid worms
Deep sea siphonophore
Deep sea squat lobster
Deep sea tube worms
Deep sea vents with submersible vehicle
Deep sea zooplankton
Density bottles 1
Density bottles 2
Density bottles 3
Density floats lab set up
Design pages
Drinking glass
Earth cross section
Earth cross section with convection currents
Earth cross section with convection currents 2
Earth cross section with tectonic plates
Earth globe
Earth globe, thumbnail
Earth with gyres
Earth with rain clouds
Earth, 3-D cross section
Earth, plain
Elephant seal
Envelopes and paper
Erlenmeyer flask
Factory ship
Fathometer tape, labeled
Fin and hand bones compare
Fish and hook
Fish eyes positions compared
Fish outline with fins, tail in detail
Fish showing internal organs, labeled
Fish, school, thumbnail
Fish, small
Fisher and boat
Fisher on dock
Fishing vessel
Flipper bones, articulated
Flipper bones, disarticulated
Flounder under silt
Flounder under silt, partial
Food web, illustration
Food web, mobile diagram 1
Food web, mobile diagram 2
Gary whale fluke
Geological strata showing fossil deposition
Girl and dog
Glass with marbles
Global map showing longitude
Grand banks dory
Grand banks dory, lofting plans
Grand banks dory, oar locks
Grand banks dory, oars
Gray whale
Gray whale
Gray whale and baleen detail
Gray whale blowing
Gray whale diving
Gray whale diving sequence
Gray whale feeding series
Gray whale grid for scaling
Gray whale migration map with destination
Gray whale migration map, Alaska, Canada
Gray whale migration map, west coast w/o labels
Gray whale outlines
Gray whale over currents
Gray whale skeleton
Gray whale spout
Gray whale spy hopping in ice hole
Gray whale with baby above
Gray whale with baby below
Gray whale with calf below
Gray whale, baby, grid for scaling
Gray whales, pod
Greenhouse effect diagram
Harbor porpoise pod
HMS Challenger
Human skeleton, articulated
Humpback whale
Humpback whale spy hopping
Hydrologic cycle
Hydrometer in beaker with ring stand
Hydrometer in density currents
Hydrometer, close-up of scale
Jars, student drawing
Mammalian evolutionary tree
Manganese nodule map
Manganese nodule, ear bone
Manganese nodule, picture
Map, Alaska, Canada, Bering Straits
Map, Bering Sea, vertical
Map, Bering Sea, with grid, horizontal
Map, Columbia and Snake rivers
Map, global projection
Map, land and bathymetry
Map, North America
Map, North America with continental shelves
Map, north Pacific
Map, Puget Sound, outline
Map, Southern California
Map, southern hemisphere
Map, U.S. with longitude/latitude
Map, Washington to Alaska
Marble boat
Mat bacteria
Melting ice currents
Minke whale
Minke whale “wrapped in food web”
Mud shrimp
Mussel, thumbnail
National Marine Sanctuaries map
Native American canoe
Native American canoe with label lines
Native American canoe, shaded
Native American cedar bark harvesting
Native American float
Native American harpoon head
Native American rope, frayed
Native American tribal map, west coast
Native American whaling canoe 1
Native American whaling canoe 2
Navigation buoys
Navigation chart with compass rose
Navigation chart, coastal
Navigation charts, rolled
Navigation symbols
Noctiluca phosphorescent phytoplankton
Notebook pages
Ocean floor, cross section
Ocean floor, cross section with volcanoes
Ocean formation comics 1
Ocean formation comics 2
Ocean formation comics 3
Ocean zones diagram
Oceanographic satellites compared
Offshore oil production tanker buoys
Offshore oil rig 1
Offshore oil rig 2
Offshore oil rig 3
Offshore oil rig 4
Offshore oil rig 5
Oil drill ship
Oil drill string bit
Oil leak from boat
Oil spill from ship wreck
Oil wells and cross section of earth
Oily bilge waste
Orca whale
Orca whale, vertical
Orca, thumbnail
Overflow bucket
Oyster digger
Ozone breakdown
Ozone model
Pages, flying
Pangaea 1
Pangaea 2
Pangaea 3
Pangaea 4
Pangaea 5
Paper bag and beans
Paper recording strip
Parallel rules 1
Parallel rules 2
Pea crab
Pennate diatoms
Peru current map 1
Peru current map 2
Pilot whale
Plate separation showing polarity changes
Plate separation showing polarity changes, subsurface currents
Plate subduction cross section
Plate tectonics model flat
Plate tectonics model flat, folded
Plate tectonics model flat, labeled
Plume bacteria
Pond food chain
Puzzle pieces
Rain gauge
Resort dock with floating trash
Ribbon fish
Right whale
Rowboat, labeled
Sailing vessel cargo stores
Salinity/temperature graph
Salmon alevins
Salmon eggs with alevins emerging
Salmon in kelp bed
Salmon life cycle
Salmon parr in eelgrass
Salmon spawning
Salmon swimming up rapids
Salmon, generalized
Salmon, sockeye male, female, smolt
Salmon, sockeye, vertical orientation
Salmon, swimming, thumbnail
Scallop, thumbnail
School of small fish
Scientist at easel
SCUBA diver
SCUBA diver and boat
Sculpin, tidepool, small
Sea floor mining system
Sea floor scene
Sea floor towed collector miner
Sea floor, labeled
Seasat oceanographic satellite
Secchi disk
Sediment screen frame
Self propelled sea floor miner
Shoe box with grid top 2
Shoebox with grid top
Shrimp, deep sea, thumbnail
Snail larva
Solar system evolution 1 – disperse matter
Solar system evolution 2 – accreting matter
Solar system evolution 3 – planets formed
Sonar ship making pass
Sonar ship making pass 2
South America, continent outline
Sperm whale
Sperm whale, vertical
Sperm, humpback whale outlines
Spiny lumpsucker
Squid, thumbnail
Strata fossil cupcake with rulers front
Strata fossil cupcake with rulers side
Straws, marker, beaker
Sturgeon poacher
Submersible design plans
Sun rays with people
Swimmer on ice flow
Symbiotic bacteria
Terrarium 2
Tesselation rows for deep sea fish
Test tube
Test tube with layered contents
Toothed whale skeleton bone set
Toothed whale skeleton bone set articulated
Toxic sources: boating
Toxic sources: bottom paint
Toxic sources: car repair
Toxic sources: copper smelter
Toxic sources: crop dusting
Toxic sources: epoxy
Toxic sources: insect sprayer
Toxic sources: outfall
Toxics containers
Triangulation 1
Triangulation 2
Triangulation 3
Tuna, small
Vectors showing internal vs external pressure
Waste water outfall
Water flow over estuary sill
Water lens microscope
Water molecules
Water quality impacts: drainage
Water quality impacts: dredging
Water quality impacts: soap
Water quality impacts: tractor
Watershed diagram with cross section 2
Watershed impacts, bulldozer
Watershed impacts, cow in stream
Watershed impacts, dam
Watershed impacts, fire
Watershed impacts, logging
Watershed in bowl, model
Well, cross section
Whale ancestor skeleton, ambulocetus
Whale ancestor skeleton, basilosaurus
Whale ancestor, ambulocetus
Whale ancestor, basilosaurus
Whale ancestor, mesonychid
Whale ancestor, prozeuglodon
Whale ancestor, rhodocetus
Whale fluke, diving
Whale watcher boat 2
Whale watchers in Zodiac
Whale watching boat
Whale watching from shore
Whale with nose in dishpan
Whale, human breathing passages cross section
Whales, outline drawing of sizes
Whales, outline profiles
Whaling: cutting in
Whaling: dory and whale
Whaling: exploding harpoon
Whaling: harpooned whale
Whaling: sailing ship
Whaling: ship lookout
Whaling: steam whaler
Whaling: try works furnaces
Wind current flow
Wind vane
Wind vane, balance
Wind vane, pattern
Wind vane, tacks
World climate map 1
World climate map 2
World climate map 3
World climate map 4
World currents map, horizontal
World currents map, vertical
World map of ring of fire
World map of ring of fire, thumbnail
World map showing earth quakes
World map showing tectonic plates
World map with ocean margins
Worm larva
Worm, Blood
Worm, Chaetopterus sps.
Worm, Cirratulus sps. 1
Worm, Cirratulus sps. 2
Worm, Lumbrineris sps.
Worm, Mesochaetopterus sps.
Worm, Nereis sps.
Worm, Nereis sps. proboscises
Worm, Owenia sps.
Worm, Paranemertes sps.
Worm, peanut
Worm, phoronopsis
Worm, rainbow proboscis
Worm, ribbon
Worm, spaghetti
Worm, spiochaetopterus sps.
Worm, thread
Worm, Trichobranchid sps.