Pictures from Grades 4-5

Pictures from Grades 4-5
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Abalone, limpet, sea hare
Agricultural scene
Anemone model 1
Anemone model 2, instructions
Aquaria, gang
Aquarium with miscellany
Aquarium, bottle 1
Aquarium, bottle 2
Aquarium, jar
Aquarium, jar with plants
Aquarium, world in a jar
Assorted fish with waves and mailboxes for background
Assorted fishto compare body shapes
Assorted plankton
Assorted plankton, labeled
Asterionella sps., freshwater diatom plankton
Aurelia sps., jellyfish plankton
Barnacle life cycle
Beach birds (gull, curlew, sandpiper)
Beach transect 1
Beach transect 2
Binocular microscope
Bush with bag over limb
Calibrated bottle
Chlamydomonas sps., freshwater plankton
Chlorella, freshwater plankton
City scene showing point source pollution
City skyline scene
Clam life cycle
Copepod, cyclops, freshwater plankton
Crayfish, underside
Cups, sniffing
Dam on river
Daphnia sps., water flea, freshwater plankton
Decorator crab
Decorator crab
Dolphin and tuna in seine net
Dolphin and tuna in seine net
Dolphin skull showing sound transmission adaptations
Dolphin skull, detail showing blowhole
Dolphin swimming over tuna
Dolphins jumping over tuna seine net
Dolphins spilling out of tuna seine net
Earth with raincoat
Eudorina sps. freshwater plankton
Euglena sps. freshwater plankton
Factory trawler
Fish caught in fish net
Fish farmer game board 1
Fish farmer game board 2
Fish ladder cross section
Fish print, gyotaku
Fish small outline, thumbnail
Fish, small, thumbnail
Fishers, three in boat with sun, nutrients
Flounder for use as model in food chain mobile
Flounder, horizontal orientation
Flounder, vertical orientation
Food chain members on strips
Food chain: dinner plate with layered food chain
Food chain: phytoplankton to humans (horizontal orientation) 2
Fragillaria sps. freshwater plankton
Gillnet boat
Gillnet boat with net set
Girl with soundwaves approaching opposite ears
Gonium sps. freshwater plankton
Green river watershed, model
Hairy crab
Hake, horizontal orientation
Hake, vertical orientation
Halibut, horizontal orientation
Halibut, vertical orientation
Hermit crab adult
Hermit crab and crayfish compared
Hermit crab zoea
Hermit crab zoea, thumbnail with phytoplankton
Jars with fish
Kelp crab, shaded
Ling cod, horizontal orientation
Ling cod, vertical orientation
Map, Columbia River salmon habitat
Map, Columbia River watershed
Map, Pacific rim
Map: Columbia River basin
Map: Columbia River basin, fully labeled
Map: Columbia River basin, shaded
Map: Idaho Snake River watersheds
Maricultured foods
Marigram dock template
Marigram grid blank
Marshmallow urchin
Mayfly nymph freshwater plankton
Mosquito life cycle
Mountain range profile
Musical notes
Navicula freshwater plankton
Net, measuring mesh size
Octopus marionette
Octopus model
Octopus print, head, part of arms
Octopus print, part of arms
Ostracod freshwater plankton
Otter trawl net
Pacific cod
Pacific rim (words)
Pandorina freshwater plankton
Paramecium freshwater plankton
Perch, line drawing
Petri dish with dropper of plankton
Picture poem, assorted
Picture poem, clam
Picture poem, seastar
Picture poem, shark
Picture poem, snail
Picture poem, whale
Plankton net, wire
Plankton net, wire 2
Plankton net, wire with stocking
Plankton net, wire with stocking and jar
Plant with falling rain drops
Pollock, horizontal orientatinon
Pollock, vertical orientation
Puffer fish, puffed up
Puffer fish, relaxed
Purse seine boat
Pylons, boat
Question marks
Rain drops falling on ridge top
Rainfall on luggage
River locks
River locks, aerial view
River map detail
Rotifers freshwater plankton
Salmon alevin with attached yolk sac
Salmon approaching fish hook
Salmon caught in gillnet
Salmon digging redd
Salmon eggs
Salmon eggs, pail
Salmon entering fish weir
Salmon eyed eggs
Salmon fry showing parr marks (stripes)
Salmon fry showing parr marks (stripes) against striped background
Salmon fry, yolk sac stage
Salmon hatchery building and raceways
Salmon hatchery life cycle
Salmon in river on gravel bed
Salmon net pens
Salmon smolt at night
Salmon smolt jumping out of water
Salmon smolts being released into river
Salmon swimming school
Salmon, Atlantic
Salmon, coho, horizontal orientation
Salmon, coho, vertical orientation
Salmon, egg to adult under hand lens
Salmon, jumping
Salmon, pen reared ad
Salmon, sockeye, horizontal orientation
Salmon, sockeye, vertical orientation
Sand data sheet
Scenedesmus sps. freshwater plankton
Sculpin, labeled
Sculpin, large line drawing for coloring
Sea lion chasing salmon
Sea lion with city in background
Sea star, urchin, sand dollar
Seafood business signs
Seafood, assorted
Seine net
Shore crab (Hemigrapsis sps.)
Sign, protect the eastern tropical pacific ocean
Sign, stop catching dolphins
Skate line
Sole, English, horizontal orientation
Sole, English, vertical orientation
Squid and plankton
Stage with seastar
Stick figures, raincoat kids
Trawler with net set
Troller fishing boat
Troller with net set
Troller, tuna with net set
Tuna, horizontal orientation
Tuna, vertical orientation
Tuna, yellowfin
Umbrella filled with water
Vegetative cover in watershed
Volvox freshwater plankton
Water cycle diagram, horizontal
Water cycle diagram, horizontal 2
Water cycle diagram, vertical
Water cycle diagram, without arrows
Water cycle mobile, complete
Water cycle mobile, parts
Watershed diagram with cross section
Watershed health indicator insects 1
Watershed health indicator insects 2
Watershed health indicator insects 3
Watershed map, Oregon, horizontal
Watershed map, Oregon, vertical
Watershed model, baking pan
Watershed uses graphic
Word murals