Pictures from Grades 1-3

Pictures from Grades 1-3
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Anemone fish in tentacles
Anemone, rock covered, closed
Anemone, rock covered, open
Anemones, open and closed
Anemones, rock covered, open and closed
Assorted clams
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted phytoplankton
Assorted sea stars
Balance, ruler
Balance, ruler 2
Baleen showing water and food flow
Baleen, close-up of whale mouth
Barnacle on rock with feet extended
Barnacles, open and closed, on rock; shaded
Barnacles, three shaded on rock
Barn owl
Bat ray
Beach litter
Bean plant with roots, seed leaves, leaves
Big skate, thumbnail
Bird foot with perching adaptations, left
Bird foot with swimming adaptations, right
Bird foot, perching, extended right
Bird foot, swimming, right
Bird silhouettes labeled
Birds, flocks on wing
Blackbird head
Blue crab
Blue whale with full mouth
Book, open
Branched algae
Brant, thumbnail
Brine shrimp developmental stages
Brine shrimp life cycle
Brine shrimp male and female compared
Bull kelp seaweed – outline drawing of bull kelp, full screen
Bull kelp, shaded
Bull kelps seaweed – outline drawing of bull kelp, thumbnail
Butter clam
Centimeter grid
Chiton on rock
Chiton shell plate
Chiton, underside
Chitons on rock
Chitons, limpets on rock
Clam cross sections 1 ,2
Clam cross sections 3, 4
Clam digging recreational scene
Clam dredge
Clam internal drawing showing water flow
Clam stomach
Clam with siphons
Clam, paired shells inside and outside
Clapper rail
Clay boat
Clay boats, 2
C-O sole
C-O sole, thumbnail
Cockle clam
Cockle clam
Copepod, harpactacoid
Coraline algae
Cord grass (vascular plant)
Crab pot
Crab undersides to distinguish gender
Crab with sea star ray in pincher
Crab zoea
Crab, thumbnail
Decorator crab
Deep sea rattail fish
Deep sea sea cucumber
Deep sea swallower fish with gulper fish inside
Deep sea vampire squid
Dolphin, thumbnail
Dozer and chain saw
Drinking glasses
Drinking glasses with straws
Drinking glasses with straws 2
Drinking glasses with tablespoons
Drinking glasses, labeled
Dungeness and red rock crabs compared and contrasted
Dungeness crab backing out of shell during molting
Dungeness crab, thumbnail
Eagle head
Eel grass scene of stuffed animals
Eelgrass (Zostera, vascular plant)
Electric board directions
Estuary bird habitats
Estuary mouth with heron
Fin and human foot prints compared
Fin, head, tail types compared
Fish head showing open gill cover
Fish puzzle pieces 1
Fish puzzle pieces 2
Fish, dead, on bottom
Fish, folding paper art project
Fish, newspaper cut out art project
Fish, newspaper cut out art project
Fish, newspaper cut out art project
Fish, stuffed art project
Flying bird silhouette
Flyway maps
Food chain: paper model
Food chain: phytoplankton to humans (horizontal orientation)
Food chain: phytoplankton to humans (vertical orientation)
Food web
Foods, assorted
Foods, thumbnail
Foot, grasping
Geoduck clam
Geoduck clam digger
Giant kelp seaweed, holdfast, rocks
Giant kelpfish
Goose head
Gooseneck lamp
Gray whale feeding on bottom
Gray whale migration route
Grebe head
Gumboot chiton curled into ball
Hand lens
Hand, back
Hand, left
Hermit crab in turban snail shell
Hermit crab and turban snail shell
Hermit crab outside shell plus assorted shells
Hermit crab with transparent shell (x-ray view)
Hermit crab, front view
Heron in cattails
Herring, thumbnail
Horse clam
HHumpback whale with bubblenet
Jar with suspended paper clip
Jars, gooseneck lamp, refrigerator
Kelp crab
Kelp crab on kelp frond
Kelp forest tidepool scene modeled
Limpet on rock
Limpet, underside
Little neck clam
Macomas clam with siphon, foot extended
Mallard head
Mallard in cattails
Map, National Estuarine Reserves
Map, U.S.
Merganser duck
Migration map
Milk carton
Moon snail in ring
Moon snail, moving
National Estuarine Reserve map, partially labeled
Notebook page
Ocean floor cross section, horizontal
Ocean floor cross section, vertical
Octopus, cartoon with artist’s palette
Octopus, extended
Octopus, thumbnail
Open book
Opossum shrimp
Orca, diving, thumbnail
Overhead projector
Oyster dredge boat
Oyster dredge bucket, horizontal
Oyster dredge bucket, vertical
Oyster drill shell
Oyster drill with foot
Oyster knife
Oyster life cycle
Oyster parts with arrows
Oyster strings on float
Oyster tongs
Perch, front view
Perch, thumbnail
Petri dishes
Pintail duck
Pipefish in eel grass
Pipefish, thumbnail
Plastic trash, assorted
Plovers, nestlings on beach
Poem, word picture
Pop can trash
Pot, cooking
Potted plant
Power boat
Purple shore crab
Rainbow algae (Iridea sps.)
Razor clam
Red rock crab
Red tide dinoflagelllate (Gonyaulax sps.)
Report page 1
Report page 2
Right whale feeding
Ringed top snail shell
River otter
River, thumbnail
Rockweed (Chondrus sps.)
Rockweed (Fucus sps.)
Salmon, thumbnail
Salt and spoons
Saltwater/freshwater glasses with eggs
Saltwater/freshwater glasses with eggs, labeled
Sandpiper head
Scissors and clam
Sculpin, sailfin
Sea cucumber
Sea lettuce (Ulva sps.)
Sea lettuce (Ulva sps.)
Sea lion
Sea lion, vertical
Sea otter with abalone on chest
Sea palm seaweed – outline drawing
Sea star covering barnacles on rock
Sea star in eel grass bed
Sea star opening clam
Sea star underside with magnified tube feet
Seal, vertical
Seamount, with label flag
Seaweed assortment, shaded
Seed cups
Shark, bull
Shark, horn
Shark, leopard
Shark, pygmy
Shark, white
Shrimp boat over Gulf map
Shrimp head section
Shrimp tail section
Shrimp, entire
Shrimp, thumbnail
Sign, beach closed
Sign, limit with bucket of clams
Submersible vehicles, depths compared
Sun star
Sun star, thumbnail
Sunfish, pelagic
Tidepool scene
Tidepool sculpin in rocks
Turban snail, thumbnail
Urchin, thumbnail
Wave breaking
Wave breaking on animals
Waves train breaking
Waves with foam at crests
Waves, single train
Waves, thumbnail
Weight in currents
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 1
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 2
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 3
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 4
World map, horizontal
World map, vertical
Zonation on piling and rock
Zooplankton model