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Hairy crab
Hake, horizontal orientation
Hake, vertical orientation
Halibut, horizontal orientation
Halibut, vertical orientation
Hand lens
Hand, back
Hand, left
Harbor porpoise
Harbor porpoise pod
Harbor seal
Harp seals
Hermit crab adult
Hermit crab and crayfish compared
Hermit crab in turban snail shell
Hermit crab and turban snail shell
Hermit crab outside shell plus assorted shells
Hermit crab with transparent shell
Hermit crab zoea
Hermit crab zoea, thumbnail with phytoplankton
Hermit crab, front view
Hermit crabs, assorted
Heron in cattails
Herring school
Herring, thumbnail
Hiker and high tides graphic
HMS Challenger, Darwin’s research vessel
HMS Challenger, Darwin’s research vessel
Horse clam
Horse clam
Human skeleton, articulated
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale outline
Humpback whale spy hopping
Humpback whale with bubble net
Hydrologic cycle
Hydrometer in beaker with ring stand
Hydrometer in density currents
Hydrometer in density currents with salt shaker
Hydrometer, close-up of scale
Hydrometer, components
Hydrometer, construction
Hydrometer, reading the scale
Hydrometer, scale
Hydrometer, scaling paper strip 1
Hydrometer, scaling paper strip 2