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C-O sole
C-O sole, thumbnail
Caisson’s disease body detail
Calibrated bottle
California and Davidson currents
Cartesian diver series 1
Cartesian diver series 2
Cartesian diver series 3
Cartesian diver series 4
Cartesian diver series 5
Cartesian diver series 6
Cartesian diver series 7
Centimeter grid
Chain diatom
Chain diatom (Biddulphia sps.)
Chain diatom (Chaetoceros debilis)
Chain diatom (Chaetoceros socialis)
Chain diatom (Chaetoceros sps.)
Chain diatom (Lauderia sps.)
Chiton and chiton shell plates
Chiton on rock
Chiton and chiton shell plates
Chiton, underside
Chiton, underside
Chitons on rock
Chitons, limpets on rock
Chlamydomonas sps., freshwater plankton
Chlorella, freshwater plankton
Chromatophore changing color series
Chromosomes with magnified genes
Circular motion diagram
City scene showing point source pollution
City skyline scene
Clam cross section with arrows
Clam cross sections 1 ,2
Clam cross sections 3, 4
Clam digger
Clam digging recreational scene
Clam dredge
Clam internal drawing showing water flow
Clam larva
Clam life cycle
Clam shell
Clam shell cross section
Clam shell, closeup of shell structure
Clam shell, inside
Clam stomach
Clam with scalpel cutting adductor muscles
Clam with siphons
Clam, paired shells inside and outside
Clam, thumbnail (Mya sps.)
Clam, thumbnail with siphon, foot
Clams other burrowing animals in sand
Clapper rail
Clay boat
Clay boats, 2
Clipboard and writing hand
Clocks, assorted
Clothespin boat
Cluster algae (smithora sps.)
CO2 collection bottle
Cockle clam
Cockle clam
Coelocanth and small fish
Coil snail, thumbnail
Color comparator
Color comparator scale
Columbus’ sailing vessels
Common dolphin
Compass rose
Compass rose w/divider1
Compass rose w/divider2
Container ship
Continental drift series 100 m years ago
Continental drift series 200 m years ago
Continental drift series 50 m years ago
Continental drift series now
Continental shelf diagram
Continental slope and shelf
Continuous line mining dredge
Contour map, clay
Contour map, Columbia River mouth
Contour map, model
Contour map, sea mount cross section
Convection current arrows
Copepod carrying eggs
Copepod larva
Copepod larva
Copepod permanent zooplankter
Copepod zooplankter
Copepod, cyclops, freshwater plankton
Copepod, harpactacoid
Copepods, assorted
Copepods, three major types
Coralline algae
Coralline algae
Cord grass (vascular plant)
Crab pot
Crab undersides to distinguish gender
Crab with sea star ray in pincher
Hermit crab zoea
Crab, female underside
Crab, hermit crab, shrimp compared
Crab, thumbnail
Crabs, assorted
Crayfish, underside
Cups with pins
Cups, sniffing
Current drift bottle
Current drift card
Currents graphic
Cyprid larva