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Bacteriology – millipore, ampoule breaker
Bacteriology – millipore, complete apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, flaming ampoule
Bacteriology – millipore, opening apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, opening Petri dish
Bacteriology – millipore, placing grid
Bacteriology – millipore, placing pad on apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, placing pad on dish
Bacteriology – millipore, pouring on to pad
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump assembled
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump pumping
Bacteriology, millipore apparatus
Bacteriology, numbered circle grid
Bacteriology, streaking a plate
Bacteriology, three squares of Petri dish
Bag with rock
Baking tray, glass with thermometers
Baking tray, glass with thermometers
Balance 3
Balance and potato corer
Balance, ruler
Balance, ruler 2
Baleen and toothed whale skeletons
Baleen showing water and food flow
Baleen whale over US map
Baleen whale skeleton bone set
Baleen whale skeleton bone set 2
Baleen whale skeleton bone set, articulated
Baleen whale skeleton bone set, articulated 2
Baleen, close-up of whale mouth
Baleen, individual and series of plates
Balloon, air pump
Balloon, in ring
Balloon, straw
Balloon, straw tied twice
Balloon, straw tied twice 2
Balloon, tied
Bamboo worm
Barnacle larva
Barnacle larva molt
Barnacle life cycle
Barnacle on rock with feet extended
Barnacle, cross sectional view
Barnacles, open and closed, on rock; shaded
Barnacles, three shaded on rock
Barn owl
Bat ray
Bat star
Beach birds (gull, curlew, sandpiper)
Beach litter
Beach model
Beach model with cove
Beach model with promontory
Beach scene with closed sign
Beach transect 1
Beach transect 2
Beaker on ring stand with convection currents
Beaker on ring stand with convection currents
Beaker, box, milk
Beakers, jars
Beakers, salt shaker
Beakers, salt shaker
Bean plant with roots, seed leaves, leaves
Beauty leaf algae (Callophylis sps.)
Beluga whale
Bentnose clam
Big skate, thumbnail
Binocular microscope
Biomass pyramid: phytoplankton to orca whale
Bipinnaria larva
Bird foot with perching adaptations, left
Bird foot with swimming adaptations, right
Bird foot, perching, extended right
Bird foot, swimming, right
Bird silhouettes labeled
Birds, flocks on wing
Biscayan right whale
Biscayan right whale whalers, seal of city
Blackbird head
Bladder chain weed algae (Cytosiera sps.)
Blade kelp (Laminaria sps.) and Feather boa kelp (Egregia sps.)
Blue crab
Blue crab, small
Blue whale
Blue whale
Blue whale with full mouth
Blue, sperm, right, gray, humpback whales compared
Boat on large beaker
Boats, assorted, old
BOD bottle and dropper bottle
BOD bottle, filling
BOD bottle, inserting dropper
BOD bottle, shaking
Book, 2
Book, open
Bottle with gas collector
Bottlenose dolphin
Bowhead whale
Bowhead whale skeleton
Branched algae
Brant, thumbnail
Breakwater diagram, horizontal
Breakwater diagram, horizontal 2
Breakwater diagram, perpendicular 1
Breakwater diagram, perpendicular 2
Brine shrimp developmental stages
Brine shrimp life cycle
Brine shrimp male and female compared
Brittle star
Brittle star
Brittle star (Amphipholus sps.)
Brittle star with arrows
Brittlestar larva
Bull kelp (Nereocystis sps.)
Bull kelp seaweed – outline drawing of bull kelp, full screen
Bull kelp seaweed – shaded
Bull kelps seaweed – outline drawing of bull kelp, thumbnail
Burette 1
Burette 2
Bush with bag over limb
Butter clam
Butter clam
Butterfly fish