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Abalone (top, underside, empty shell)
Abalone, limpet, sea hare
Acidic weed algae (Desmarestia sps.)
Acorn barnacle
Africa, continent outline
Africa/South America contiguous sediments
Africa/South America continental fit
Agricultural scene
Alaska current
Algae press
American clipper ship
Anemone fish in tentacles
Anemone model 1
Anemone model 2, instructions
Anemone, rock covered, closed
Anemone, rock covered, open
Anemones, open and closed
Anemones, rock covered, open and closed
Animal observation cards
Animals with salt shaker
Aquaria, gang
Aquarium with floats
Aquarium with miscellany
Aquarium, bottle 1
Aquarium, bottle 2
Aquarium, jar
Aquarium, jar with plants
Aquarium, sink and float
Aquarium, world in a jar
Arab sailing boat
Aristole’s lantern
Aristole’s lantern, top view
Asian clam
Asian clams in hand
Asian clams in sand
Assorted bones
Assorted buried clams
Assorted clam shells
Assorted clams
Assorted clams
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted echinoderms
Assorted echinoderms (sea star, urchin, sand dollar)
Assorted fish with waves and mailboxes for background
Assorted fishto compare body shapes
Assorted limpets
Assorted molluscs (clam, snail, squid)
Assorted molluscs (snail, limpet, chiton)
Assorted oysters
Assorted phytoplankton
Assorted phytoplankton, labeled
Assorted plankton
Assorted plankton, labeled
Assorted sand dollars Assorted scallops
Assorted sea stars
Assorted sea stars
Assorted snails
Assorted snails, limpets
Assorted sponges
Assorted tusk shells
Assorted tusk shells with one in sand
Assorted urchins
Assorted zooplankton
Asterionella sps., freshwater diatom plankton
Atlantic currents
Atlantic ocean map
Atlantic quahog clam, thumbnail
Aurelia sps., jellyfish plankton