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CD-ROMS for PC or Classic Mac OS
Marine Science Explorations CD-ROM
  • Grades 1-5          Please circle:      Classic Mac OS                                                          or   PC   

  • Grades 6-8          Please circle:      Classic Mac OS                                                          or   PC   

  • Grades 9-12        Please circle:      Classic Mac OS                                                          or   PC   

The Tuna/Dolphin Controversy CD-ROM      (Mac only) $39.

Marine Science Clip Art Portfolioavailable soon
FOR SEA Curriculum Print Versions
Life in the Tidal Zone, Grade 1$50.

The Sea Around Us, Grade 2$50.

Life in the Estuary, Grade 3$50.

Beginning in the Watershed, Grade 4$50.

Life With Pagoo, Grade 5$50.

Investigating the Ocean Planet, Grade 6$50.

The Year of the Gray Whale, Grade 7$50.

Ocean Studies, Ocean Issues, Grade 8$50.

Marine Science, The World of Water, Grades 9-12:
  • The Oceans: Historical Perspectives

  • Ocean Currents and the Open Ocean

  • Tides and the Rocky Shore

  • Ocean Waves and Life in the Surf Zone

  • The Deep Sea

  • Our Home: The Estuaries

  • Or a complete set of Grades 9-12 (Vols. I-VI)

Pagoo by Holling C. Holling
For use with Grade 5, Life With Pagoo,

Puget Sound Project Guides – Print Version
Discovering Puget Sound, Grades 4-6$35.

A Salmon in the Sound, Grades 6-8$35.

The Changing Sound, Grades 9-12$35.

Puget SoundBook$4.95.

Whale Patterns
Humpback Whale$15.

Gray Whale$15.


The Electronic Whale
CIRCLE ONE: CD-ROM for PC or Hypercard stack for Classic Mac OS.

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