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Navigation and vessels
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American clipper ship
Arab sailing boat
Boats, assorted, old
Clay boat
Clay boats, 2
Clothespin boat
Columbus’ sailing vessels
Compass rose
Compass rose w/divider1
Compass rose w/divider2
Container ship
Continuous line mining dredge
Crab pot
Factory ship
Factory trawler
Fisher and boat
Fishing vessel
Gillnet boat
Gillnet boat with net set
Global map showing latitude
Global map showing longitude
Grand banks dory
Grand banks dory, lofting plans
Grand banks dory, oar locks
Grand banks dory, oars
Greek sailing boat
HMS Challenger
HMS Challenger, Darwin’s research vessel
Map, Bering Sea, vertical
Map, Bering Sea, with grid, horizontal
Map, Polynesia
Map, U.S. with longitude/latitude
Marble boat
Middle ages sailing boat
Native American canoe
Native American canoe with label lines
Native American canoe, shaded
Native American cedar bark harvesting
Native American whaling canoe 2
Navigation buoys
Navigation chart with compass rose
Navigation chart, coastal
Navigation charts, rolled
Navigation symbols
Net, measuring mesh size
Offshore oil production tanker buoys
Oil leak from boat
Oil spill from ship wreck
Otter trawl net
Oyster dredge boat
Parallel rules 1
Parallel rules 2
Polynesian navigation tool
Polynesian sailing catamaran
Power boat
Purse seine boat
Roman sailing boat
Rowboat, labeled
Sailing vessel cargo stores
Salmon caught in gillnet
Salmon, swimming, thumbnail
Serpent and boat, historical block print
Shrimp boat over Gulf map
Skate line
Sonar ship making pass
Sonar ship making pass 2
Spanish galleon
Submersible design plans
Submersible vehicles, depths compared
Toxic sources: crop dusting
Trawler with net set
Triangulation 1
Triangulation 2
Triangulation 3
Troller fishing boat
Troller with net set
Troller, tuna with net set
Viking sailing boat
Water quality impacts: dredging
Whale watcher boat 2
Whale watchers in Zodiac
Whale watching boat
Whale watching from shore
Whaling: dory and whale
Whaling: steam whaler