Mollusca (clams, snails, octopus, etc.)

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Mollusca (clams, snails, octopus, etc.)
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Abalone (top, underside, empty shell)
Abalone, limpet, sea hare
Acorn barnacle
Asian clam
Asian clams in hand
Asian clams in sand
Assorted buried clams
Assorted clam shells
Assorted clams
Assorted clams
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted clams in sand
Assorted limpets
Assorted limpets
Assorted limpets on rocks
Assorted molluscs (clam, snail, squid)
Assorted molluscs (snail, limpet, chiton)
Assorted oysters
Assorted scallops
Assorted snails
Assorted snails, limpets
Assorted tusk shells
Assorted tusk shells with one in sand
Atlantic quahog clam, thumbnail
Bentnose clam
Butter clam
Butter clam
Chiton and chiton shell plates
Chiton shell plate
Chiton, underside
Clam being eaten by sea star
Clam cross section with arrows
Clam cross sections 1 ,2
Clam cross sections 3, 4
Clam internal drawing showing water flow
Clam larva
Clam life cycle
Clam shell
Clam shell
Clam shell cross section
Clam shell, closeup of shell structure
Clam shell, inside
Clam stomach
Clam with scalpel cutting adductor muscles
Clam with siphons
Clam, paired shells inside and outside
Clam, thumbnail (Mya sps.)
Clam, thumbnail with siphon, foot
Clams other burrowing animals in sand
Cockle clam
Cockle clam
Coil snail, thumbnail
Deep sea squid and other assorted deep sea animals
Geoduck clam
Geoduck clam
Geoduck clam and Horse clam
Gumboot chiton curled into ball
Gumboot chiton in ball
Horse clam
Horse clam
Limpet, single
Limpet, single, large
Limpet, thumbnail
Limpet, underside
Little neck and razor clams
Little neck clam
Macomas clam with siphon, foot extended
Mollusc cross section
Moon snail in ring
Moon snail, moving
Mussel, thumbnail
Mussels, clump with byssal threads
Octopus arm
Octopus print, head, part of arms
Octopus print, part of arms
Octopus, cartoon with artist’s palette
Octopus, extended
Octopus, thumbnail
Oyster digger
Oyster drill shell
Oyster drill with foot
Oyster life cycle
Oyster parts with arrows
Razor clam
Ringed top snail shell
Scallop shell
Scallop, thumbnail
Snail cross section
Squid and plankton
Squid, thumbnail
Squid, thumbnail
Turban snail, thumbnail
Tusk shell in sand