MARE Grade 7 – Coral Reefs

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MARE  Grade 7 – Coral Reefs

Table of Contents

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Ocean Week

Teaching Strategies

Activity 1: Sands of Time
Students, in small groups, perform several tests to compare the color, size, shape, and source material of several sand samples to determine their origins and the type of beach from which they came.

Activity 2: It Takes All Kinds
Students observe adaptations in diverse fish and use this information to predict habitat and lifestyle.

Activity 3: Tracking Hurricane Iniki
Students use real data from The Central Pacific Hurricane Center to map the movement of Hurricane Iniki across the Pacific to Hawaii.

Activity 4: Fish Formation
A student is changed into a fish as s(he) dons a fish costume to demonstrate the major adaptations of fishes to life in water as classmates suggest the possible adaptations.

Activity 5: Red Fish Roundup
Students wear blue cellophane goggles to simulate the light conditions during an underwater diving experience while searching for camouflaged fish.

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