MARE Grade 6 – Islands

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MARE  Grade 6 – Islands

Table of Contents

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Literature Connections

Ocean Week

Teaching Strategies

Activity 1: Sands of Time
Students, in small groups, perform several tests to compare the color, size, shape, and source material of several sand samples to determine their origins and the type of beach from which they came.

Activity 2: Mirounga, Mirounga
Students work cooperatively to teach each other about parts of the elephant seal life cycle and adaptations to contend with both the marine and terrestrial environments and then participate in a “gameshow” to check for understanding.

Activity 3: Shark Dissection
Students work in small groups to dissect a shark and investigate its structure and how all the parts function together to allow the shark to be so well adapted to its habitat and lifestyle.

Activity 4: Island Rock
Students listen to, discuss and write new lyrics to the Banana Slug String Band song “Island Rock,” based on information they teach each other through a small group jigsaw activity.

Activity 5: Boom or Bust
Students play a game as seabirds hedging their bets and deciding whether or not to invest in reproductive activities and spend “time/energy points” under various breeding conditions.

Activity 6: Santa Clara Island
Students role-play as land planners to experience the potential conflicts of island development.

Activity 7: Headlines
Student news teams prepare marine news stories based on background information and clues and present them to the class in a simulated TV news show.

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