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Lab equipment
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Jar with suspended paper clip
Petri dishes
Drinking glasses
Drinking glasses, labeled
Drinking glasses with tablespoons
Drinking glasses with straws
Drinking glasses with straws 2
Gooseneck lamp
Overhead projector
Seed cups
Centimeter grid
Notebook page
Hand lens
Calibrated bottle
Cups, sniffing
Aquaria, gang
Aquarium, jar
Aquarium, jar with plants
Aquarium, world in a jar
Balance, ruler
Dropper, dish, plankton
Plankton net, wire
Plankton net, wire 2
Binocular microscope
Plankton net, wire with stocking
Plankton net, wire with stocking and jar
Pot, cooking
Beach transect 1
Beach transect 2
Sand data sheet
Aquarium, bottle 1
Aquarium, bottle 2
Jars with fish
Drinking glass
Balance, ruler 2
Aquarium, fish life formula
Density bottles 1
Density bottles 2
Density bottles 3
Glass with marbles
Baking tray, glass with thermometers
Paper recording strip
Design pages
Overflow bucket
Aquarium, sink and float
Salinity/temperature graph
Straws, marker, beaker
Scissors and clam
Shoebox with grid top
Sediment screen frame
Water lens microscope
Open book
Test tube with layered contents
Shoe box with grid top 2
Beaker on ring stand with convection currents
Beaker on ring stand
Rain gauge
Wind vane, balance
Wind vane, pattern
Wind vane, tacks
Wind vane
Jars, student drawing
Balloon, air pump
Balloon, tied
Balloon, straw
Balloon, straw tied twice
Balloon, straw tied twice 2
Balloon, in ring
Bottle with gas collector
Balance 3
Beakers, salt shaker
Secchi disk
Erlenmeyer flask
Test tube
Notebook pages
Report summary card
Aquarium with floats
Grid 2
Slinky with kids
Slinky with small kids
Bag with rock
Clocks, assorted
Plant press, pressing steps
Probe, graduated
Shoebox and compass
Weights to show pressure
Weight of cubic foot of sea water
Bacteriology, streaking a plate
Fish, plastic token
Bacteriology, millipore apparatus
Bacteriology, numbered circle grid
Plankton net, area sampled
Plankton net, opening
Plankton dropper and bottle
Bacteriology, three squares of Petri dish
Cups with pins
Thermometer in waves
BOD bottle and dropper bottle
BOD bottle, filling
BOD bottle, shaking
BOD bottle, inserting dropper
Beakers, jars
Test tubes in rack
Test tubes in rack, timer
Beaker, box, milk
Test tube, shaking
Flask on burner
Color comparator
Test tube pouring into test tube
Color comparator scale
Test strip on scale, pH
Glass and flashlight
Secchi disk, construction diagram
Secchi disk showing turbidity
Bacteriology – millipore, complete apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, ampoule breaker
Bacteriology – millipore, pouring on to pad
Bacteriology – millipore, placing grid
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump assembled
Bacteriology – millipore, vacuum pump pumping
Bacteriology – millipore, placing pad on apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, opening apparatus
Bacteriology – millipore, opening Petri dish
Bacteriology – millipore, placing pad on dish
Bacteriology – millipore, flaming ampoule
Beakers, salt shaker
Hydrometer, construction
Hydrometer, scale
Hydrometer, scaling paper strip 1
Hydrometer, scaling paper strip 2
Hydrometer, components
Hydrometer, reading the scale
Burette 1
Burette 2
Erlenmeyer flask
Balance and potato corer