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American clipper ship
Arab sailing boat
Biscayan right whale whalers, seal of city
Darwin, halftone photo
Darwin, photo
Fur seal hunters
Greek sailing boat
HMS Challenger, Darwin’s research vessel
Middle ages sailing boat
Native American canoe
Native American canoe with label lines
Native American canoe, shaded
Native American cedar bark harvesting
Native American harpoon head
Native American tribal map, west coast
Native American whaling canoe 1
Native American whaling canoe 2
Northwest Native American net fishing scene
Northwest Native American stylized salmon
Polynesian sailing catamaran
Roman sailing boat
Serpent and boat, historical block print
Spanish galleon
Viking sailing boat
Whaling: cutting in
Whaling: dory and whale
Whaling: exploding harpoon
Whaling: harpooned whale
Whaling: sailing ship
Whaling: ship lookout
Whaling: steam whaler
Whaling: try works furnaces