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Clam digger
Clam digging, recreational
Clam dredge
Crab pot
Dolphin and tuna in seine net
Dolphins jumping over tuna seine net
Factory trawler
Fish and hook
Fish in net
Fish ladder cross section
Fisher and boat
Fisher on dock
Fishers, two with same fish
Genes and chromosomes
Geoduck clam digger
Gillnet and rowboat
Gillnet boat
Gillnet boat with net set
Gillnet setting
Hatchery building
Maricultured foods
Native American float
Native American harpoon head
Native American rope, frayed
Native American whaling canoe 1
Native American whaling canoe 2
Net, measuring mesh size
Otter trawl net
Oyster dredge boat
Oyster dredge bucket, horizontal
Oyster dredge bucket, vertical
Oyster knife
Oyster strings on float
Oyster tongs
Purse seine boat
Resort dock with floating trash
Salmon approaching weir
Salmon caught in gillnet
Salmon eggs, pail
Salmon fry discharged into river
Salmon fry, yolk sac stage
Salmon hatchery life cycle
Salmon in river
Salmon life cycle, generalized
Salmon net pens
Salmon, pen reared ad
Seine net
Shrimp boat over Gulf map
Sign, beach closed
Sign, limit with bucket of clams
Sign, protect the eastern tropical pacific ocean
Sign, stop catching dolphins
Skate line
Trawler with net set
Troller fishing boat
Troller with net set
Troller, tuna with net set
Whaling: cutting in
Whaling: dory and whale
Whaling: exploding harpoon
Whaling: harpooned whale
Whaling: sailing ship
Whaling: ship lookout
Whaling: steam whaler
Whaling: try works furnaces