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Anemone fish in sea anemone tentacles
Assorted fish with waves and mailboxes for background
Assorted fishto compare body shapes
Bat ray
Big skate, thumbnail
Butterfly fish
C-O sole
C-O sole, thumbnail
Chromatophore changing color series
Coelocanth and small fish
Deep sea anglerfish
Deep sea anglerfish
Deep sea anglerfish (Linophryne sps. and Lasignathus sps.)
Deep sea anglerfish with pressure arrows
Deep sea black dragon
Deep sea bristlemouth
Deep sea eelpout
Deep sea fish and others
Deep sea shining tubeshoulder
Deep sea slender snipe eel
Deep sea swallower with gulper inside
Deep sea tadpole snailfish
Deep sea vampire squid
Fin, head, tail types compared
Fish body outline without fins
Fish caught in fish net
Fish eyes positions compared
Fish head showing open gill cover
Fish outline with fins, tail in detail
Fish print, gyotaku
Fish scale
Fish scale types
Fish showing internal organs, labeled
Fish skeleton
Fish small outline, thumbnail
Fish with flashlight
Fish with hooks, thumbnail
Fish, folding paper art project
Fish, newspaper cut out art project
Fish, newspaper cut out art project
Fish, newspaper cut out art project
Fish, school, thumbnail
Fish, small
Fish, small, thumbnail
Fish, stuffed art project
Flounder under silt
Flounder used for mobile
Flounder, horizontal orientation
Flounder, vertical orientation
Flying fish
Giant kelpfish
Hake, horizontal orientation
Hake, vertical orientation
Halibut, horizontal orientation
Halibut, vertical orientation
Herring school
Herring, thumbnail
Ling cod, horizontal orientation
Ling cod, vertical orientation
Map: Columbia River basin
Map: Columbia River basin, fully labeled
Map: Columbia River basin, shaded
Map: Idaho Snake River watersheds
Pacific cod
Perch, front view
Perch, line drawing
Perch, thumbnail
Pipefish in eelgrass
Pipefish, thumbnail
Plainfin midshipman
Pollock, horizontal orientatino
Pollock, vertical orientation
Puffer fish, puffed up
Puffer fish, relaxed
Rattail fish
Ribbon fish
Salmon alevin with attached yolk sac
Salmon and stickleback compared
Salmon approaching fish hook
Salmon digging redd
Salmon eggs
Salmon fry showing parr marks (stripes)
Salmon fry showing parr marks (stripes) against striped background
Salmon in river on gravel bed
Salmon smolt at night
Salmon smolt jumping out of water
Salmon swimming school
Salmon, Atlantic
Salmon, chinook, male, female, smolt
Salmon, chinook, thumbnail
Salmon, chum, male, female, smolt
Salmon, coho, horizontal orientation
Salmon, coho, male, female, smolt
Salmon, coho, vertical orientation
Salmon, fry with yolk sac
Salmon, generalized
Salmon, jumping
Salmon, pink, male, female, smolt
Salmon, sockeye
Salmon, sockeye male, female, smolt
Salmon, sockeye, horizontal orientation
Salmon, sockeye, male, female, smolt
Salmon, sockeye, vertical orientation
Salmon, swimming, thumbnail
Salmon, thumbnail
School of small fish
Sculpin, labeled
Sculpin, large line drawing for coloring
Sculpin, sailfin
Sculpin, tidepool
Sculpin, tidepool, small
Sea lion chasing salmon
Sergeant major
Shark, bull
Shark, dogfish
Shark, five gill
Shark, horn
Shark, leopard
Shark, pygmy
Shark, thresher shark and nurse shark
Shark, tiger shark and chain dogfish
Shark, white
Sheepshead fish
Sole, English, horizontal orientation
Sole, English, vertical orientation
Sole, sand
Spiny lumpsucker
Sturgeon poacher
Sunfish, pelagic
Trout, cut throat
Tuna and dolphin in pursed seine
Tuna, horizontal orientation
Tuna, small
Tuna, vertical orientation
Tuna, yellowfin