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Cetaceans (whales)
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Baleen and toothed whale skeletons
Baleen showing water and food flow
Baleen whale over US map
Baleen, close-up of whale mouth
Baleen, individual and series of plates
Beluga whale
Biscayan right whale
Biscayan right whale whalers, seal of city
Blue whale
Blue whale
Blue whale with full mouth
Blue, sperm, right, gray, humpback whales compared
Bottlenose dolphin
Bowhead whale
Bowhead whale skeleton
Common dolphin
Dall’s porpoise
Dolphin and tuna in seine net
Dolphin skull
Dolphin skull, detail showing blowhole
Dolphin skulls
Dolphin swimming over tuna
Dolphin with echolocation waves
Dolphin, blue and white
Dolphin, thumbnail
Dolphins jumping over tuna seine net
Dolphins spilling out of tuna seine net
Flipper, countercurrent circulation
Gary whale fluke
Gray whale
Gray whale
Gray whale and baleen detail
Gray whale blowing
Gray whale diving
Gray whale diving sequence
Gray whale eye, barnacles
Gray whale feeding on bottom
Gray whale feeding series
Gray whale grid for scaling
Gray whale migration map with destination
Gray whale migration map, Alaska, Canada
Gray whale migration map, west coast w/o labels
Gray whale migration route
Gray whale outlines
Gray whale over currents
Gray whale skeleton
Gray whale spout
Gray whale spy hopping in ice hole
Gray whale with baby above
Gray whale with baby below
Gray whale with calf below
Gray whale with mixing bowl, tools
Gray whale, baby, grid for scaling
Gray whales, pod
Harbor porpoise
Harbor porpoise pod
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale
Humpback whale outline
Humpback whale spy hopping
Humpback whale with bubble net
Map, Alaska, Canada, Bering Straits
Minke whale
Minke whale “wrapped in food web”
Orca whale
Orca whale, vertical
Orca, diving, thumbnail
Orca, thumbnail
Orca, with waves
Pilot whale
Right whale
Right whale
Right whale feeding
Sperm whale
Sperm whale with echolocation waves
Sperm whale, vertical
Sperm, humpback whale outlines
Spotted dolphin, eastern Pacific
Whale fluke, diving
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 1
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 2
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 3
Whale swimming sequence flip book part 4
Whale with mixing bowl, tools
Whale with nose in dishpan
Whale, cutting in chart from Scammons
Whale, human breathing passages cross section
Whales, outline drawing of sizes
Whales, outline profiles