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Arthropods (class Crustacea -crabs, etc.)
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Barnacle life cycle; flatworm
Barnacle on rock with feet extended
Barnacle, cross sectional view
Barnacle, thumbnail
Barnacles, open and closed, on rock; shaded
Barnacles, three shaded on rock
Blue crab
Blue crab, small
Brine shrimp developmental stages
Brine shrimp life cycle
Brine shrimp male and female compared
Brittle star
Crab undersides to distinguish gender
Crab with sea star ray in pincher
Crab, female underside
Crab, hermit crab, shrimp compared
Crab, thumbnail
Crabs, assorted
Crayfish, underside
Decorator crab
Decorator crab
Decorator crab
Dungeness and red rock crabs compared and contrasted
Dungeness crab backing out of shell during molting
Dungeness crab, thumbnail
Dungeness crab, thumbnail
Ghost shrimp in burrow
Gooseneck barnacle
Hairy crab
Hermit crab adult
Hermit crab and crayfish compared
Hermit crab and turban snail shell
Hermit crab in turban snail shell
Hermit crab outside shell plus assorted shells
Hermit crab with transparent shell (x-ray view)
Hermit crab zoea
Hermit crab zoea, thumbnail with phytoplankton
Hermit crab, front view
Hermit crabs, assorted
Insect, example of Class Insecta
Isopod, pill bug
Kelp crab
Kelp crab on kelp frond
Kelp crab, shaded
Mud shrimp
Opossum shrimp
Pea crab
Purple shore crab
Red rock crab
Sand flea
Sea star on barnacle covered rock
Shore crab (Hemigrapsis sps.)
Shore crab with close-up magnifier
Shrimp head section
Shrimp tail section
Shrimp, assorted
Shrimp, deep sea, thumbnail
Shrimp, entire
Shrimp, thumbnail
Spider, example of Class Arachida
Squat lobster