Sound thanks to all!

for the print version of the
Puget SoundBook

The SoundBook was conceived by the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority which recognized the need for a publication that would educate individuals about their role in the Puget Sound ecosystem. The SoundBook was produced by the Marine Science Society of the Pacific Northwest under a grant from the Authority’s Public Involvement and Education program. The SoundBook was written by James A. Kolb, Director of the Poulsbo Marine Science Center, and designed and illustrated by Diane Gusset, Co-Director of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center.

We wish to thank the following individuals who served as the Technical Advisory Committee for this publication.

L. Katherine Baril
WSU Cooperative Extension

Joan Berryman
City of Everett
Public Works Department

Judy Bevington

Melisa Cohen
McFarland Cascade

Pam Crocker-Davis
Department of Ecology

Sheila Kelly
Puget Sound Water Quality Authority

Lincoln Loehr
Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe

Dr. Robin Matthews
Huxley College of Environmental Studies
Western Washington University

Ray Nielsen
City of Everett
Public Works Department

The SoundBook was supported in part by the Public Involvement in Education Project financed by proceeds from the Washington State Centennial Clean Water Fund and administered by the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority.

Color separations were generously provided by Puget Sound Bank.

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